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Winter is Here!

PREPARE TO KEEP YOUR PET WARM THIS WINTER!! If you're needing a dog house and/or straw for your pet, please don't hesitate to let us know by filling out the form below, we're always willing to help a dog in need!
If your pet is outside make sure they have:

Shelter - Provide your dog with a well built or purchased dog house for shelter from the elements.  If your dog house is not insulated, please "insulate" the dog house with straw or wood chips NO BLANKETS!  You want something that will retain your dog's body heat....even a sleeping bag or winter coat would be a good alternative if have nothing else.  If you have a dog in need of shelter, please fill out our form below.

Keep Water From Freezing - Heated water bowls are fairly inexpensive & will provide your pet the water he or she needs while outside, you'd be surprised how much water your dog drinks in a day, it's important to keep them hydrated and warm.  If you don't have a heated water bowl, use thick plastic containers to put water in, putting the bowl in a styrofoam cooler can also slow the freezing process down, just cut a hole in cooler so pet can access it...or if have an old tire, fill with large rocks, put where the sun will hit it, put a bucket in middle the pet can access, the heat from the sun will warm the rocks and keep water freezing as quickly.  Plastic bowls, thicker the better, is the best choice if you don't have a heated one. 

And of course take your dog in at night if possible!  If need help getting any of these items for your pet,
please contact us at, we're here to help!
Dog House Request Form

If you need shelter for your dog, please fill out and submit form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
Address Street 2:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
What Breed of Dog do you have?:
What size and weight is your dog?:
Does he/she have shelter now?:

Troop 129 building dog houses for Dog Gone Rescue, thanks Scouts!! :)
We have some beautiful cats up for adoption!
All of our cats are Spayed/Neutered, Microchipped, FIV/Leuk/Htwm tested, & current on shots

Kuranda Dog Beds

Check out our Adoptable Pets!


Adopt a Puppy

If you'd like to adopt a friend from Dog Gone Rescue, please contact us to arrange a time to meet the animal you are interested in and fill out our application. 
Our adoption Fee is:
Dogs: $75
Cat: $50
We look forward to meeting you!

All of our adoptable animals are heartworm tested, up-to-date on all vaccinations, including FIV & FeLk for cats.  State law also requires any animal adopted from Dog Gone Rescue be spayed or neutered within 90 days of adoption; however we strive to help control the pet population by trying to neuter and spay all of our animals before putting them up for adoption.  All our animals are also microchipped to help protect them should they get lost.

We've just recently started microchipping all of our pets as well to prevent them from ending up back in the shelters/pounds. 

We are a registered non-profit and rely solely on private donations.  The Adoption Fee will help us pay for many things: Vet expenses, food, kennels, dog houses, pet beds, leashes/collars, etc., basically items to keep them happy, healthy and comfortable until adopted.   

To apply to adopt an animal from Dog Gone Rescue, please print out our application, complete & email, fax or mail back, thanks!



I'd like to thank everyone that has been putting money in our donation jars, mailing in personal donations, as well as donating food & wonderful pet items, such as toys, collar, leashes, pet beds, treats, even costumes!

It's absolutely wonderful to know I have such heartwarming and generous support to keep helping these really does make a difference, thank you so much!!!

If you'd like to help and would like to make a donation, please click the Donate button, or you can drop off or mail your donation to:

Dog Gone Rescue
c/o Janel McLain
205 S. Sumner Ave.
Creston, IA 50801

Items we need are: cash donations to help pay for vet expenses; donations of food, kennels, pet bedding, bowls, cat litter, cat boxes, toys, leashes, collars are always needed and appreciated. Anything we can use to meet the needs of the animals in our care, no matter how small, every lit bit helps!

We also build dog houses for animals in need of shelter!
They are hand built out of wood, shingled, painted & straw provided if needed in the winter months.

These Dog Houses are FREE,
however any donation is welcome to help compensate for the expense of some of the supplies.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are someone you know has a dog in need!
Donators: Akin Building Center, Mike Wolfe, Tony Allen,
Cindy Allen & Sterling Johns.

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